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Treatment of Nervous Patients

Good general health is not possible without good dental health.  Dental anxiety or fear of dentistry can be a severe hindrance to receiving proper dental treatment.

Dental phobia  fear of seeking dental care. It is one of the reasons many people avoid visiting the dentist. In terms of dental health and overall wellbeing, this can be serious.

The key factor for good oral hygiene is prevention – stopping problems before they arise. Phobic patients who suffer from severe anxiety do not visit the dentist for regular care. Unfortunately, this can result in more complex problems.

Coping with Dental Treatment

When contacting the dental receptionist to make an appointment, please explain that you are a nervous patient. Our dental team will help you through your visit lightening the situation

Once you are with the dentist, explain what makes you anxious – different things affect different people, so talk to us. We will start with making you comfortable and gaining your trust.

If dental treatment is required, please ask for explanations and clarification of any proposed procedures this is part of the service. We tell you and show you as much or as little as you want. Please tell us how much treatment you think you can tolerate at first then we can talk about the treatment choices and decisions. As your confidence builds, the length of the appointment and the treatment carried out can be increased.

It may help if you eat a light meal prior to your appointment. Hunger might increase anxiety, tea, coffee, etc. should be avoided, as these are both stimulants.

In your initial discussions with the dentist, agree a stop signal to be used during treatment. This could be, for example, raising your left hand. This will allow you more control throughout the treatment.

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